About Us

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Sypris Electronics is a world-class, integrated systems solutions provider. Our ruggedized electronic products, advanced engineering services and complete electronic manufacturing capabilities are aligned to provide our customers the best people, practices and technologies to continually exceed expectations. We consistently promote an agile, innovative culture by strategically partnering with leading-edge technology companies, agencies and universities. With over 45 years of experience, Sypris Electronics is proud to develop, manufacture and integrate leading technologies into mission critical electronics systems that secure America's interest.


Providing trusted solutions that secure our customers’ interests globally.


Bringing together the best people, processes and technologies to exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

Operating Principles

  • Integrity: Conduct business in an ethical and honest manner based upon mutual respect and trust.
  • Communication: Provide clarity of direction encouraging participation and feedback on a continual basis throughout the organization.
  • Empowerment: Empower our people with the responsibility, authority, accountability and continuous learning development to succeed.
  • Teaming: Collaborate to continuously improve our quality, products, processes and results through fact-based data analysis using leading edge tools.
  • Execution: Pursue market leadership with fast, agile, dynamic, innovative solutions for our customers and stakeholders.
  • Achievement: Focus on operational excellence to deliver and recognize outstanding results.

Value Stream Based Organization

Sypris Electronics is organized around two major businesses:  Information Security Solutions (ISS) and  Electronic Manufacturing and Engineering Services (EMS).

The  ISS value stream is focused on: Encryption Devices; Electronic Key Management & Fill Devices; Next Generation Cryptographic Solutions; CNCI/Cyber Security; and Information Assurance - Certification and Accreditation Services. 

The  EMS value stream is focused on: Systems Assembly/Integration; Dedicated Space Manufacturing; Integrated Design and Engineering Services; Design for Manufacturability; and Design to Specification work.