Cyber Range

A Comprehensive Approach To Advancing Your Cyber Resiliency, Through Advanced Training, Modeling, and Simulation.


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Sypris offers you a real-world, modeling, simulation and analytical platform for your cyber operational needs. Your experts can train to become black belts in cyber offense and defense through a series of advanced training offerings on how to discover, neutralize, repair, defend, and attack networks with an integrated, multi-layer approach.

What is the Sypris Cyber Range?

Traditional classroom training and paper-based “tabletop” exercises do not adequately prepare organizations to respond to real-world cyber events.

The Sypris Cyber Range offers a unique solution with convenient and continuous access to realistic, hands-on cyber security-training scenarios coupled with foundational training.

The Sypris Cyber Range provides customers with an extensible virtualized platform for cyber security training, modeling, simulation, and advanced analytics. It offers a secure environment in which to assess network and system attack-and-defend strategies as well as supplying a proven, training path to, helping your organization improve resilience & cyber maturity. The Sypris Cyber Range’s flexible architecture gives users the ability to test, evaluate and train for next generation threats, similar to training on a traditional weapons test range. The Sypris Cyber Range utilizes an adaptable virtualization platform which offers training in real-world cyber threat scenarios that teaches the users how to adapt to the changing landscape of threats.

Our program incorporates the private sector’s needs and proprietary considerations of the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) owners and operators.

Our Cyber Ranges’ virtual training platform teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver real-time situational awareness of the cyber health of Critical Information Infrastructures (CII), enabling Cyber Defenders to provide all-source cyber situational awareness. This is expandable to operate at the local, organizational or National levels, and solutions are tailored for any size organization up to and including a National Level Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our enhanced courseware covers early detection and neutralization of cyber threats and tests user abilities during the training. The Sypris Cyber Range prepares users to analyze and correlate advanced malware to find the needle in the haystack.

Complete Cyber Offering

To ensure our customers have the most advanced tools available to them, Sypris partners with top-notch solution providers, who offer snap in modules, such as malware analysis, traffic generation and visual analytics tools. In addition, the Sypris Cyber Range is designed to interface with third party hardware and software so organizations can create custom environments that mirror production networks for training, simulation and modeling.

Cyber Range Features & Components

Security Challenges: Designed to provide hands-on training on a variety of software security topics. Users are required to advance through various scenarios of progressive difficulty, through multiple stages. Upon completion (usually via an exploitation), an exposed flag or token is used to gain access to the next level of difficulty.

Dynamic Exercises: Real-time competitions between multiple players (attackers/red and defenders/blue). Through several different types of scenarios, players are required to both attack and defend network & infrastructure components by utilizing skills developed in the Security Challenges, and in a manner that closely matches the real world networks. The Dynamic Exercises are the heart of our red team/blue team capability.

Modeling & Simulation: Provides the capability to set up customizable virtual environments, from a single server to an entire enclave network, to a extranet / web interface. This feature provides an effective test bed for simulations of network-wide attacks, forensic investigations, as well as tests that require a safe environment without the risk of proprietary data loss or adverse impact upon existing networks. The Sypris Cyber Range can model servers, workstations and network hardware, providing a realistic architecture for testing and evaluation.

Knowledge Base: A centralized database containing current information and material on cyber security including white-papers, resource material on software and network security, range usage and optimization guides, as well as hints for challenges hosted in the war games area.

User Interface: If desired, users have the ability to securely access the Sypris Cyber Range from anywhere in the world via any internet terminal through a web portal which provides the primary user access control. The web based user interface is integrated within the Sypris Cyber Range security framework for user identification, authentication and authorization, and all Cyber Range subsystems and modules.

Management, Monitoring & Analytics: Provides an extensible management backend that gives the necessary command and control (C2) functionality for all cyber range components, such as: firewalling off the cyber range from other networks as well as providing segregation between the simulation lab and war-game environments. This module also serves to deter, detect, and mitigate instances of lab or exercise abuse. It also provides the capability for the range owner or any “specialized users” to monitor network traffic for the purposes of packet captures and allows review of network-based attacks on known targets, attack replay, future zero-day research, and modeling the spread of malware or other attacks. Coupled with user registration enabled statistics on each user, a user’s skill set and techniques being used may be evaluated for recruiting purposes or gaining awareness of emerging vulnerabilities, threats, and techniques by using virtual shoulder surfing, access to user statistics, and module status and controls.

Snap-In Applications via an API: Allows for the expansion of core range functionality by connecting hardware and software products and tools. The API framework provides an ability to customize the Sypris Cyber Range via integration of third party developed applications and content to an optimum solution based on your needs.

Cyber Range Features

Platform System Features: – Scalable to increase performance and maximize number of supported users – Open Architecture – Quick deployment – Ease of maintenance – Ease of system management, customization and configuration – Ease of integration to other equipment and networks

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