Integrated Central Office of Record

On-Demand, Global Electronic Key Management


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Icor -bannerICOR, an Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 equivalent system developed and fielded by the Civil community, provides for the generation, management and distribution of electronic key material in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Features & Functions

Primary Facility
  • Generation  Subsystem - LMD/KP, ICOR UAS
  • Management/Distribution Subsystem - ICOR key management application
  • Accounting Subsystem - CARDS XML interface
  • Scalable number of Tier 3 device load stations to support workload
Backup Facility
  • Receives real-time replicated data from Primary facility
  • Same hardware and applications as Primary facility
Field Site
  • End user manages keys on PC
  • Key dissemination to EKMS Tier 3 device as needed
  • Electronically order keys from Primary facility

More Info.

Download the ICOR Brochure