Product Development

Product Development from Thought to Finish


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Product -development

Whether your company needs a partner to develop product concepts, rapid prototypes, or full turnkey production systems, Sypris Electronics is your answer.

Sypris Electronics develops its own products and works with partners to design and produce their products.  Our multidisciplinary Engineering department uses proven systems engineering driven development techniques to build complex systems.  We specialize in Defense and Aerospace applications needing high technology solutions that must meet comprehensive testing and certification requirements. 

Our product development team is co-located in Tampa with Sypris' extensive electronics manufacturing and environmental testing facilities.  This flexibility allows rapid prototype turnaround and seamless transition to manufacturing for quantities both large and small. 

We leverage best practices in CMMI, Six Sigma, and Lean principles to develop the right solution the first time.  We are a culture of continuous learning and improvement which translates to an empowered, innovative team.  We have an extensive network of partner companies that can provide the full suite of technologies and products required to meet the project development needs. We are active in technology development and outreach programs with several technology centers to maintain and extend our engineering capabilities.

Our key core competencies are:

  • Information Assurance, Security, and Communication products
  • Systems Engineering for development, integration, V&V, and test
  • Electronics development for high reliability systems
  • Embedded and Application Software Development
  • EMI and TEMPEST testing