Information Assurance Engineering

Sypris Engineers protect the nation's critical cyber infrastructure


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Information assurance

Sypris Electronics offers a full suite of capabilities for product development requiring high assurance protection of information.  Key capabilities include:

  • Security requirements - In the current environment where information security threats are constantly evolving, security cannot be an afterthought.  It must be baked in from the beginning.  Sypris Engineers can work with you to define the security requirements for your system to ensure it meets your customers' needs both now and in the future.
  • Certification documentation - Security certification is essential to product delivery and acceptance.  These documents start from the beginning of design and have a lifecycle through final acceptance.  Sypris understands the governing certification processes (NSA and NIST) and has a track record of delivering the documentation needed to achieve successful product certifications. 
  • Security Design - Security design is not just encryption.  It is a system wide design requirement that can incorporate architecture design, tamper resistance, protection of data in motion, protection of data at rest, trusted component selection, interface control, and many other considerations.  Sypris Engineers define the standard in security development.
  • Product Design - Delivering a product that meets functional, environmental, manufacturing, maintainability, and cost requirements while maintaining the needed security is challenging. Our systems engineering-driven, multidisciplinary background allows Sypris Engineers to balance requirements and design a product to meet them.
  • Classified Development - Sypris has both the cleared development facilities and cleared expert information assurance engineering personnel to meet your classified information security project development and production needs.
  • Encryption - Sypris engineers have a long history in development of encryption techniques that support both legacy and future algorithms.  We are experts in NSA Type-1 and commercial protocols.
  • Key Management - Sypris engineers are recognized leaders in the development of key management CONOPS, techniques, hardware devices, software management systems, key storage, and key transmission.
  • Testing - Security testing is a rigorous process to evaluate that the system meets the security requirements.  Sypris engineers have successfully designed test procedures and test equipment to successfully support testing.  We have performed testing that encompasses systems, mechanical, electrical, and software related properties essential to security performance.  Sypris is an NSA accredited TEMPEST test facility.
  • Certification and Accreditation - Information security products do not work in a vacuum.  They must meet the requirements to be successfully in fielded real applications.  Sypris engineers are experts in the C&A processes ensuring that the systems we develop meet all requirements to join the larger information networks. 

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