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Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

At Sypris Electronics, we believe that software is not a point solution that ships with the product.  Software is an integral part of the lifecycle of the product enabling it to meet and exceed its planned design goals as applications, threats, and technologies change.

Software engineering at Sypris takes many different forms.  Sypris engineers develop software that:

  • Provides real-time control to embedded systems in mission critical applications.  Our software engineers work closely with our electrical engineers to ensure component selection that meets the design needs.  We accelerate system time to market through parallel software and electronics development.
  • Implements complex algorithms for encryption and other data transformations at network speed.  Our experience in embedded applications has involved meeting tight performance requirements with limited computing, memory, and I/O resources.
  • Provides multi-level assured security protection for critical data.  Software engineers can no longer assume that security is someone else's problem.  It must be baked in at every level.  Our extensive Information Assurance background means that security is always in our design process. 
  • Provides user interfaces and backends to complex, secure websites.  As technology moves to cloud computing and other distributed systems, the ability to access, manage, and control data increases in both capability and complexity.  Sypris Engineers have a broad range of experience in developing systems that manage and track complex data while providing an intuitive, easy to use interface in a net-centric environment.
  • Implements intuitive user interfaces for the Warfighter.  Sypris Engineers have developed and implemented Human Machine Interface (HMI) designs ranging from small, handheld devices to complex, distributed computing systems.

All our software development is driven by our CMMI development process assuring requirements are met and schedule is made.  We are continuously improving our software process and development tool suite to advance our capabilities.

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