Systems Engineering

Sypris Systems Engineering leads the way from CONOPS to delivery and beyond


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Defining and meeting requirements is what systems engineering is about.  Our experience in critical defense and national security applications has built a strong foundation of systems engineering best practices into our culture.  A strong systems engineering discipline enables Sypris to prove our products meet the stringent requirements and certifications essential to these markets.  Our CMMI accredited processes are the formal definition of those systems engineering beliefs. 

Systems Engineering:

  • Defines requirements and concepts that can meet project cost and schedule goals
  • Accelerates rapid prototype projects by ensuring that the requirements are met the first time. 
  • Manages technical risk leading to successful product introduction
  • Designs test plans that ensure that products meet their requirements with sufficient confidence margin for successful real-world fielding
  • Provides the information trail needed to show compliance to meet certification requirements.

Systems engineering is an essential part of development programs large and small.  We have experience in the full product lifecycle.  We have experience in:

  • Organization (SEIT, IPT)
  • Plans (SEMP, Risk management)
  • Requirements Development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Integration
  • Verification and Validation
  • Testing
  • Documentation

Our Systems Engineering group works closely with our Program Management Office (PMO) to ensure project success and continuously improve our engineering processes.

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