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Sypris Electronics as your trusted manufacturing partner is equipped to successfully build your high reliability or space-qualified products with strict quality and schedule requirements, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. In today’s business environment, major suppliers such as yours have strategic initiatives to address cost pressures, reduce risk, or augment your capabilities position. You seek an experienced Contract Manufacturer (CM). Sypris in our 50+ years of demonstrated experience builds extremely challenging products and devices with various sizes, volumes and complexity. We work as a Lean/Six Sigma, continuous improvement team of dedicated people.

High Reliability Manufacturing Area for Aerospace & Defense, Telecom and Industrial Customers

Whether you’re searching for services of build-to-print, build-to-spec, circuit card assembly, or electro-mechanical box builds, Sypris can provide manufacturing capabilities tailored to your need with added services of Design, Process, and Test Engineering. Complimenting Sypris’ Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is our ability to perform a wide array of electronics and mechanical testing including systems integration. On the front-end, Sypris offers full Turnkey Supply Chain Management to complete the full, end-to-end manufacturing services package.

Dedicated -workcells -1

Dedicated -workcells -2

Dedicated Manufacturing Workcells customized for Customer-Specific Hardware Applications

Manufacturing Processes aligned with your Product needs

Our focused manufacturing approach ensures a working partnership with Sypris to build your high reliability product in compliance to your challenging requirements. Sypris Electronics is completely contained within a single 317,000 square foot facility. Our emphasis on customer cell-based manufacturing, combined with a flexible manufacturing environment, allows for a scalable operation providing a platform which can respond rapidly to changing demand and priorities. Customers enjoy our customized attention to their projects, our flexibility to handle engineering changes, and our versatility to meet High Mix Low Volumes, medium volumes and medium-to-high volumes.

Circuit Card Assembly

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)
  • (Plated) Through Hole
  • Skilled Manual
  • Hybrid (manual & semi-automatic)
  • Wave Soldering
  • Selective Soldering
  • Aqueous Cleaning
  • Automated Coating (Conformal Coating)
  • Contamination Measurement

Module and Box Integration

  • Chassis, Enclosure, Rack Assemblies
  • Electro-Mechanical Sub-Assemblies
  • Chassis Integration
  • Environmental Stress Screening
  • Chassis Test & RF Testing
  • Lean Assembly Cell
  • Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
  • Module Testing
  • Ultrasonic Welding

Severe Environment Manufacturing Services

Sypris Electronics offers a dedicated manufacturing area to fabricate and test space qualified circuit card assemblies, sub-assemblies and fully integrated box enclosures. Our fully accredited, environmentally controlled area provides special processes for customers requiring complex, high-reliability products that are deployed in harsh environments and remote locations – space, undersea, and down-hole.

Severe -environment -manufacturing
  • 20+ Years in High Reliability Space
  • Complex Manufacturing & Testing
    • NASA-STD-8739
    • IPC-610 Class 3
    • J-STD-001 Class 3
    • J-STD-001 ES
  • Satellites, Telecom, Instruments, Power Supplies, Payloads, Military

Engineering Services

Sypris Electronics is uniquely positioned by offering Electronic Manufacturing Services in the fact that Sypris develops and manufacturers our own specialized electronics products. Our increased technical discipline of product development provides customers with opportunities to improve product designs to address any key areas of concern.

Sypris employs various engineering services from basic translation of design requirements to Manufacturing Work Instructions and applicable process controls to complete product design work. Design For Manufacturability (DFx), Testability, and Six Sigma are supported by a team of Manufacturing Process Engineers, Quality Engineers, Test Engineers, and Industrial Engineers. Over half of these engineers have progressed through Sypris’ rigorous Six Sigma certification process. We offer expert advice for optimizing your design to ensure it is built to high quality standards while maximizing value. From a product design perspective, Sypris provides Digital, Analog, Low and High Power, Tempest, and EMI design expertise. We have a pedigree in COMSEC and Anit-Tamper (AT) Security Design, and have Software Engineering capabilities for cloud based software as well as FPGA/CPLD development.

Design Services can range from relatively simple Poka-yoke (Japanese term that means "mistake-proofing") opportunities to more advanced applications of DFx (Design For Manufacturability – DFM, Design For Assembly – DFA, Design For Test – DFT), and complete product designs with deliverable procurement packages.

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