Supply Chain Management

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Sypris’ Supply Chain integrates all of the business processes required to satisfy customer needs. Our supply chain understands and coordinates purchasing, production planning, and logistics across the multiple organizations involved in designing, sourcing, producing, and delivering products and services. Our agile and customer focused team, design processes to meet unique customer needs; plan for relevant materials requirements, and equipment; develop and implement sourcing strategies; and build strategic relationships with supply chain partners.

Supply Chain Lean Environment

Traditional materials management doesn’t support responsiveness needed in our Lean environment. Sypris partners with the top franchised distributors in the market and holds long sourcing relationships with most semiconductor manufacturers. Multiple vendors have offices in-house and manage an efficient Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program providing value to our customers through demand agility. Our internal, independent quoting team utilizes QuoteWin, which provides intelligent quote management and an RFQ processing solution. When responding to RFQs, Sypris utilizes a central costing database, allowing for quick decision on best source for requirements.

Supply Chain Value-Add Services

Sypris’ Supply Chain has extensive experience and capabilities in providing a vast array of value-add services for Defense, Space and Industrial componentry. Below is a list illustrating some of our value-add services we can either provide in-house or have well established relationships with multiple test houses to complement our full turn-key capabilities.

  • Component tinning
  • Lead forming
  • Tape/Reel services
  • Testing: DPA, radiation, various Environmental testing

Supply Chain Counterfeit Mitigation

Supporting today’s military and mission critical customers requires a constant monitor of supply chain. Here at Sypris, our Supply Chain staff fully appreciates that counterfeit components can jeopardize the performance and reliability of defense/aerospace hardware. To mitigate any possible escape, Sypris Procurement takes the following precautions that are in compliance to the AS5553 standards.

  • All components require a Certificate of Conformance tying directly to the OEM/OCM.
  • Our procurement staff only sources from Original Component Manufactures or authorized distributors.
  • All members of our Procurement staff are members of GIDEP and monitor GIDEP reports daily.
  • Counterfeit avoidance requirements are flow-downed to suppliers on all Purchase Orders.
Supply Chain Expertise

Experienced staff – specializing in buying Defense EEE components

  • Full Turn-Key in support of:
    • AS9100:2009 Revision C
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ISO 14001:2004
    • IPC-A-610 CLASS 3
    • NASA-STD-8739

Leverage industry leading applications for Component Identification / Management

  • Part Sourcing
    • Stock availability
    • Life Cycle status
    • Parametric component selection
    • Component ROHS status
  • BOM Manager
    • Component Obsolescence
    • BOM risk management
    • PCN notification

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