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Trust Beyond Manufacturing™

We know your decision to outsource manufacturing is a critical decision and one that requires a concerted effort of due diligence. Sypris Electronics understands that decision process along with your concerns for risk management, affordability, schedule protection and unmistakable quality. From our origins 50 years ago we have been a center of excellence for high reliability electronics with an OEM CMMI perspective on product and process improvement.

We invite you to explore Sypris and experience first-hand Trust Beyond Manufacturing™.

Why Engage with Sypris Services?

The Sypris continuous improvement culture and our people’s belief is centered on the fact our service customers trust Sypris to deliver. Customers engage with us for our shared promise to establish long term relationships – focusing on mutual success. Our goal is to develop strategic partnerships with our customers and become an extension of your team. We are in this for the long haul. Our culture of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma permeate our people’s everyday thoughts and actions. The fact that 50% of our Operations Engineers are either Six Sigma Green or Black belts is evident of our commitment to invest heavily in this culture.

Our partnerships live and breathe as true extensions to our customers’ organizations. Sypris’ valued customers in their experience of working with us have come to realize they will be treated as if they are the highest priority – attention that only a flexible and responsive partner can offer. Your team can enjoy working in an environment of collaboration with our expert manufacturing team of engineers, program managers, manufacturing operators, business development managers, directors and executives.

The Sypris Integrated Product Team (IPT) dedicated to your program and your people, will together engineer solutions in a responsive manner – addressing volatile design changes, schedule compression, re-work/recovery, and component obsolescence, while incorporating cost effective options. Our customers know the collective knowledge we hold from our long standing heritage of serving others benefits them in ways beyond what they can achieve internally alone. Delivering the envisioned results together through often unpredicted challenges makes our collective teams work.

Doing the Right Things – Delivering Things Right

Sypris will work with your team to smoothly transition the electronics design and your accumulated knowledge base such that the resulting Circuit Card Assembly (CCA), integrated Chassis Module or Enclosure Unit is manufactured better than the original intent. Sypris has a wide breadth of operational capabilities to support your contract manufacturing needs – but it is important for you to understand how we do it. Our customers trust us to deliver!

Having a broad scope of industry experience – Aerospace, Industrial, Telecom, Space & Severe environment, and Military – offers an extensive set of proven practices to bring to your project. Each application and job within those industries has come with a range of volume, delivery and technical requirements further speaking to our array of capabilities. Sypris is unique to have work in low volumes, high reliability High Mix Low Volumes (HMLV), medium to higher volumes, and the development expertise to build and deliver our own products, all in one facility.

Your customers are demanding more from you today than yesterday. Shrinking budgets, immovable delivery dates, firm fixed prices (FFP), and more stringent requirements levied to you, all stress the entire supply chain. Sypris is equipped to tackle your tough challenges handed to you. For our DOD business, we are an Accredited Trusted Source, Category 1A from the US DoD. Beyond manufacturing, we bring the experience that includes the design, development and manufacturing of specialized encryption devices that require COMSEC compliance and other specialized processes and resource management that ordinary EMS providers cannot match.

Regardless of the market segment or customer we provide manufacturing services for, we design our operational process and resources around the specific need you require. Each customer need is unique and our approach is flexible and adaptable to your changing needs. Our ability to staff design, process and test engineers, manufacture and test hardware, employ Design for Manufacturing (DFx) principles, and do it with Six Sigma/Lean practices sets Sypris services apart.

How can we help?

We invite you to explore further what makes our factory your factory. Please contact us today to arrange a tour of our facility to begin the journey of a trusted partnership.  Let us build your trust!

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