Recording Products

High-performance data acquisition and storage


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Recording products

Sypris Electronics designs, manufactures and provides timely support of high-performance data acquisition and storage systems for governments and industry worldwide through its data systems products and services.

Data Acquisition and Storage Systems

With a legacy of data storage and data recording excellence spanning 60 years under former names Bell & Howell® , Kodak® , Honeywell®, Metrum-Datatape®, and Sypris Data Systems®, Sypris Electronics continues to meet customers' needs with an extensive line of data storage solutions including high-speed digital, analog and network-centric products using solid state, disk, and tape technologies. Our products and technologies enable real-time capturing of uninterrupted and uncorrupted data across multiple channels.

Product Applications

Sypris Electronics' data systems products and software are used to acquire, process, record and store data in the following applications: submarine and surface ship sonar, flight test, post-flight evaluation, telemetry, satellite down-links, laboratory data analysis, electronic intelligence (ELINT), acoustical intelligence (ACINT), foreign instrument signal intelligence (FISINT), space shuttle and space station operations, synthetic aperture radar image recording, digital video images, ordnance and weapon system testing.

Service and Support

Sypris Electronics offers complete technical support for its data systems products, including on-site repair, maintenance and training. The integrated logistics support services department provides customer service by a staff of professionals trained in the application of military specifications and formal commercial logistics support practices. In addition, Sypris has regional support service centers strategically located across the United States. Internationally, certified product representatives are available throughout Europe and Asia.