Model 820

Multi-Channel Disk Recorder/Reproducer

IRIG 106 Chapter 10

Model 820

Sypris Electronics' Model 820 is an integrated recording system capable of acquiring and storing a variety of digital and analog signals for a range of recording applications including commercial, military, and government. The Model 820 combines multiple streams of different types of data into a standard IRIG 106 Chapter 10 packet structure and records that data onto an array of disk drives. Additionally the system can simultaneously record files on a network destination. The rate to the network drive is dependent on the network bandwidth. After recording, the data is available for reproduction, archiving or network distribution. The Model 820 features a loop-back function for real-time monitoring of the data and flexible Input/Output modules to support different data types and signal levels.


  • Multiple channels
  • Up to 38 asynchronous channels per chassis
  • Synchronize multiple chassis for higher channel counts
  • Various signal types
  • PCM - up to 160 Mbps
  • Analog up to 24 MSps Low Frequency (10 KHz to 10 MHz)
  • Analog 56 MSps High Frequency (100 KHz to 24 MHz)
  • IRIG time A, B, G and GPS
  • Voice/auxiliary
  • Supports aggregate data rates up to 1.6 Gbits/sec
  • Standards based
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data format
  • Windows® NTFS file system
  • Windows® networking
  • Real Time Data Archiving
  • Data transfer
  • Remote control
  • Large storage capacity
  • 1 TB to 12 TB of disk storage
  • Archive data to standard computer peripherals

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