Supply Chain Management

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From quote to fulfillment, our supply chain staff integrates all of the materials management needed to support our customers’ needs. This eliminates the complications of having to coordinate purchasing, production planning, and logistics across your entire organization. Our customer-focused team will design processes to meet your unique needs, plan for relevant materials requirements and equipment, develop and implement sourcing strategies, and leverage strategic relationships with supply chain partners.

Our trusted suppliers consist exclusively of original equipment manufacturers (OEM), authorized distributors, and semi-conductor manufacturers to ensure sourcing pedigree and cost effective sourcing. Sypris utilizes multiple in-house vendors and manages an efficient Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to provide value to our customers through demand agility.

Ensuring your products and associated documentation are properly packaged and shipped on time is a critical element to our business.  Logistic services include – Sypris and Customer furnished materials management, COMSEC, kitting, domestic and international packaging & labeling, export control regulations, and electronics data transfer. Learn more…

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