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Sypris Electronics has over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering complex electronic and electro-mechanical systems from circuit card assemblies (CCA) to intricate box builds including systems integration, environmental stress screening (ESS), and electronics testing. Our manufacturing services have evolved from long-standing partnerships with multiple agencies and tier-one companies delivering products and services with the highest level of quality, reliability, and security.  Originally driven as an OEM of information security devices (encryption, cyber & COMSEC), our business focus today is providing manufacturing services for mission-critical and complex, high-reliability products for regulated markets in the high mix, low-to-medium volume category.

Customers look to Sypris for our manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain services to build their hi-reliability designs to the highest quality standards in various markets including Government, DoD, Space, Medical, Civil Avionics, Telecom and Industrial. We  concentrate on providing solutions to our customers backed with a Sypris culture of engineered solutions, Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing, and risk mitigation.

Close collaboration with our customers creates trust in our partnerships as our teams work together to overcome complicated, technical challenges.  Our strategic goal is to be an extension of our customer’s organization striving to add value and to deliver results. This is what our people believe in and think about every day – Trust Beyond Manufacturing®.

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