Enabling Technologies

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Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Enabling technologies

Complex, systems level product development requires both a broad knowledge base and a deep understanding of critical technologies.  Both the breadth and depth must be maintained in a robust, well executed strategy to bring the best possible solutions to our partners.  Sypris Electronics meets this challenge by:

  • Maintaining a network of technology partners that participate in the Sypris Electronics Systems Engineering process to provide full coverage over the technologies required for successful product development.  We believe in extensive use of co-innovation events bringing together the Sypris team and project stakeholders to define solutions that meet or exceed expectations.
  • Investing in enabling technologies to advance our core technical capabilities and develop key mission critical technologies. Sypris Electronics is active in university and government research.  We believe reaching out to the edge is the only way to meet our partners' needs now and in the future.  Our current technology areas include:

    • Information Security
    • Trusted computing systems
    • Biometrics and strong identity
    • Computed Network Attack, Defense, and Exploit
  • Training our staff in best practice processes and state of the art technologies to enhance our core competencies.  Our technology base and engineering organization is growing rapidly to meet the needs of our partners.  We are actively recruiting from major university programs and technology centers to expand or capability and keep it current.

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