Computer Network Defense

DoDD 8570.1: Blue Team


Acquired by ADI, no longer offered by Sypris.

Blue -teamA "Blue Team" works with the System Owner and System Administrators to develop effective Computer Network Defense (CND) for the network.

According to DoDD 8570.1, a Blue Team is: "A group of highly skilled individuals who conduct systematic examinations of IS or products to determine adequacy of security measures, to identify security deficiencies, to predict effectiveness of proposed security measures, and to confirm adequacy of such measures after implementation."

We have a highly sought after Blue Team that deploys to numerous sites, as well as brings systems in-house to test in our secure labs.  Our background in understanding attack methodology allows us to analyze system security architectures and prepare effective CND for the enterprise.

Our approach is to defend the Global Information Grid (GIG) through "network hygiene":

  • Assuring DISA Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) Compliance
  • Verifying Information Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM) / patch compliance
  • Proving Ports, Protocols, and Services (PPS) security - i.e., adequate Top Level Architecture (TLA) stack, including firewall, intrusion detection/prevention system, and proxy configuration
  • Verifying account and password management
  • Assuring personnel, physical security, and operational security

The Red Team

The Red Team works in a covert manner on a focused target of testing using "extreme" techniques.

Red Team