Why Sypris?

Our customers grow with us because the way we solve problems is unique and valuable to our customers. 

Specifically, we...

Listen First

We focus our actions on what our customers need – there is no “canned” model for our customers’ projects. We don’t present or pitch to you – we listen, understand, plan and execute based on your specific needs.

Provide Capability & Focus On What Matters

Our customers feel like we are larger than we are because of our vast capacity for handling complex challenges. We’re a small company with “Tier 1” capabilities 

We focus on high value “mission-critical” technically-advanced products and programs. What we build matters and is specific to markets that defend and secure our country, improve our ability to communicate, and enhance our quality of life. 

Communicate with Transparency

Our project teams communicate progress in a tailored fashion that works best for you, the customer. We provide solutions, not problems. 

Demonstrate Agility & Flexibility

Customer needs change, and we change with you. We adapt to your needs instead of forcing you to adapt to our requirements. 

Perform Consistently & Reliably 

Our customers stay with us. Most of our customers are fortune 500 companies in regulated high-reliability product segments. They are long-term relationships and are often subjected to continuous business system review and performance evaluation. We’re a time-tested business — we’ve been around for more than 50 years. 

Guarantee Trust & More

Our customers value our 50-year pedigree in building mission-critical products and trust us to protect their intellectual property.  We provide more than a manufacturing service. We build very close relationships with our customers and become an extension of their teams. 

Trust Beyond Manufacturing® 

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