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Sypris Electronics has proven experience in designing and delivering complete electronic manufacturing services from circuit card assemblies (CCA) to complex box builds and systems integration. We are the manufacturing arm to many of the leading Aerospace, Telecom, Military, Space-Severe Environment, and Industrial companies in the world. Our experienced people let you focus on your core business, while we work on providing you with quality products and services as your trusted manufacturing partner. Learn more about how you can benefit from our service experience.

Why Sypris Services

We know your decision to outsource manufacturing is a critical decision and one that requires a concerted effort of due diligence. Sypris Electronics understands that decision process along with your concerns for risk management, affordability, schedule protection and unmistakable quality. From our origins 50 years ago we have been a center of excellence for high reliability electronics with an OEM CMMI perspective on product and process improvement. Read more…

Trusted Manufacturing Services

In today’s business environment, major suppliers such as yours have strategic initiatives to partner with a competent and experienced Contract Manufacturer (CM). Sypris Electronics as your trusted manufacturing partner is equipped to successfully build your high reliability or space-qualified products with strict quality and schedule requirements, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We have the demonstrated experience to build extremely challenging products and devices with various sizes, volumes and complexity. Read more…

Space Manufacturing Solutions

Sypris Electronics offers a unique customer-centric approach to space manufacturing. Our class 100,000 manufacturing and test area provides special processes for customers requiring complex, high-reliability products used in harsh environments and remote locations. Our facility is NASA certified and offers paperless manufacturing, complete component tracking, and over 20 years of experience in high reliability assembly and test. Read more…

Service Experience

Success in business starts with an organization’s people, the engine for great service delivery. The dedicated people at Sypris believe in helping our customers build trust – trust that your customers can experience through your efforts and product delivery. We have a long standing approach of a Lean/Six Sigma, continuous improvement culture that senior leadership cultivates through internal investments. Long term relationships we create with customers are the outcomes of our Service Experience. Read more…

Service Markets

Sypris Electronics manufacturing services has invested a half century in industry experience serving the Aerospace, Telecom, Military, Space-Severe Environment, and Industrial markets. Field hardware applications cover Hi-Rel Land, Sea, Air and Space, ranging from military vehicular controls to RF systems to satellite weather instrumentation to power supplies. Our vast market experience, hardware application versatility, and customized services all attribute to why customers seek out Sypris to be their trusted manufacturing partner for their mission critical, high reliability products. Read more…

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