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Our Work: Lockheed Martin

How a Tier One DOD Prime Contractor Found the Right Manufacturing Partner in Sypris Electronics



Lockheed Martin experienced issues with their previous manufacturer producing a mission-critical GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) CCA for their program. The product involved a highly complex design and tight tolerances, and their current manufacturer was not producing a dependable product. In need of a technically competent and reliable supplier, Lockheed Martin turned to Sypris Electronics.

The first step, as with all Sypris' projects, was to arrange a meeting between the client and Sypris’ dynamic product team. During this meeting, our team listened and asked questions in order to gain a complete understanding of the issues Lockheed Martin was facing.

Sypris' customer engineers then began a collaboration to define the scope of the problem, identify the root issue, and to pinpoint the client’s requirements for their new manufacturing partner. From there, Sypris created a multi-functional team to ensure all of the program’s operational and technical needs would be successfully maintained.

While this process was underway, the Sypris team helped the client coordinate the secure removal and receipt of work from their original supplier. The team also developed a product repair recovery plan for the existing product that included the surgical remove and replace of multiple components as well as the integration of a new daughter card to the design.  


Through their collaboration with Sypris, Lockheed Martin expanded their partnership with Sypris as a dependable manufacturer that was able to produce the remaining product to the client’s technical requirements and schedule.

Additionally, Sypris completed the process development, product repair and design modifications to the client’s expectations and within their desired timeline. All of the performed repairs were approved by Lockheed Martin’s end-customer, and in addition to receiving formal recognition (See Photo) from Lockheed Martin, Sypris was awarded their subsequent business.

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