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Sypris and Cybersecurity

Sypris and Cybersecurity

Sypris Electronics history spans over 55 years of providing high assurance electronic manufacturing as well as encryption based products and services. Over this time frame, our Cyber Security Program has expanded and adapted to meet the ever-changing cyber threat vector. Sypris Electronics is committed to meet and exceed NIST 800-171 compliance standards and to continuously improve meet current and future security challenges. Our goal is to assure our customers a safe and secure business experience.


What is NIST SP 800–171

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) promotes and maintains measurement standards and guidelines to help protect the information and information systems of federal agencies. In response to Executive Order 13556 on managing controlled unclassified information (CUI), it published NIST SP 800–171, (Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information In Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations). CUI is defined as information both digital and physical created by a government (or an entity on its behalf) that, while not classified, is still sensitive and requires protection.

NIST SP 800–171 provides guidelines on how CUI should be securely accessed, transmitted, and stored in nonfederal information systems and organizations; its requirements fall into four main categories:

·         Controls and processes for managing and protecting

·         Monitoring and management of IT systems

·         Clear practices and procedures for end users

·         Implementation of technological and physical security measures


Why is it important?

Technology based companies in high reliability or mission critical industries have been subject to cyber-attacks. Businesses involved in the Aerospace and Defense sector are facing increasingly sophisticated and customized cyber-attacks. The frequency of attacks continues to rise and their impact can be large.

At Sypris, we recognize the critical importance of cybersecurity and work to ensure we have appropriate controls in place.

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